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Twin City Elementary After School Pick Up Plan

Effective: January 3, 2022


In order to ease traffic congestion and improve our after school pick up routine, we will be moving the cars from the front of the school onto the playground for staging. We are excited to offer a better option to allow traffic to flow more smoothly during dismissal on 72nd AVE NW. Please be patient while we implement this major change to our routine.

Parking to Wait for Dismissal
Our gate will open daily at 3:05 to allow cars onto the playground. Staff will help direct traffic and ensure that students in our portable classroom can pass safely to and from the building. Please do not arrive earlier than 3:00 to allow early dismissal and deliveries to happen without traffic backing up. 

Student Dismissal
Students will be dismissed from classrooms to the gym at 3:20. Fifth grade bus riders will wait in the library for bus dismissal to avoid crossing traffic. Car pick up students will be called by radio to the covered area to wait. Staff will assist students into their vehicle. Adults should not get out of the car to assist. 

Car Release
Cars will be released by a staff member to exit down our bus lane back to 72nd AVE NW. Bus arrival and departure will have priority, so cars will be asked to wait in order for safe maneuvering in the bus zone.

Walk Up Dismissal
If you prefer to park and walk up to the building to pick up your child after school, please line up outside of the front doors on the left. A staff member will greet you and radio for your child.

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